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Brenda Kerr
Partner & Senior Consultant
CKM Consulting


The School for Innovative Leadership

Senior Faculty

Martin University
Master's of Science in Organizational Leadership


BA—Psychology, The Evergreen State College
MA— Applied Behavioral Science, Whitworth College
Career History
Brenda has had a 30-year career in the study and improvement of human systems: from marriages and families to large corporations. She founded and developed several organizations and numerous programs during this time. Her professional experience as an educator, consultant, CEO, business owner, and marriage and family therapist has provided a rich background for her work in developing leaders. Brenda has created extensive educational materials and authored several articles in this area.

She is a contributing author in The Dance of Change, edited by Peter Senge. Her work is based on the integration of personal transformation with organizational performance. Brenda co-founded The Corporate Leadership Program in 1991, and continues to find teaching in that setting her most rewarding professional activity. When not teaching in the Corporate Leadership Program, Brenda serves as co-leader of the High Performance Leadership Program, and consults with organizations in North America and abroad.

She pioneered the development of family of origin curriculum in the program, based on the idea that managers and workers unconsciously recreate their family roles and participate in analogous emotional processes at work. Much of her professional energy in the last few years has focused on what leaders can learn about their family systems that affects their performance in their organizational systems.

Brenda is married to Denny Minno, her partner in life and in business. They have two grown children, three grandchildren, and live in Sammamish, Washington.


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